Kascars, a Division of Kascar, LLC

Kascars is our automobile sales division. We acquire automobiles, pickups, SUV’s and other vehicles of every size and manufacture. They are meticulously inspected, repaired, and if necessary even painted and refurbished to perfect road ready driving condition.
We are currently building a stock of quality previously owned vehicles.
Check back with us often!
Kascars offers Financing through Watson Finance in Greenville

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How to get to KASCAR

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One Kascar Plaza
Greenville, SC 29605-6307

864-422-0370 v.
864-422-1707 f.

Vehicles marked "Salvage Title" were acquired from an insurance company and have the word “Salvage” displayed on the title.
Most cars sold by insurance companies today have this word displayed on the title no matter how much or how little damage (if any at all) was sustained.